class RigidBody_Integrator

Integration stuff


Private Methods

[more]VectorND dydt(double t, VectorND y, RigidBody &x)

Inherited from Integrator:

Public Methods

ovoid SetMethod(int m)
ovoid SetOversampling(int o)
ovoid Setdt(double h)
ovoid MakeIntegration(double dt, VectorND& y, A &x)

Private Fields

oint Method
oint Oversampling
odouble dt
o dt is the time step, which can vary from call to call if we want.

Private Methods

ovoid RungeKutta4(double h, VectorND& y, A &x)
ovoid Euler(double h, VectorND& y, A &x)


Integration stuff
oVectorND dydt(double t, VectorND y, RigidBody &x)

This class has no child classes.

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