class Curve

Public Methods

[more] Curve()
Constructors / Destructors
[more] ~Curve()
[more]inline void setName(const string &name)
[more]inline string getName() const
[more]double Evaluate(const double &x_p)
[more]bool TestDimensions() const
[more]inline void setX(const VectorND& v)
[more]inline void setY(const VectorND& v)
[more]inline VectorND getX() const
[more]inline VectorND getY() const
[more]int LoadXML(char* file_name)
[more]int ParseXML(xmlDocPtr doc, xmlNodePtr cur)
[more]void Out() const

Private Fields

[more]string name
[more]string xlabel
[more]string ylabel
[more]VectorND x
[more]VectorND y


o Curve()
Constructors / Destructors

o ~Curve()

oinline void setName(const string &name)

oinline string getName() const

odouble Evaluate(const double &x_p)

obool TestDimensions() const

oinline void setX(const VectorND& v)

oinline void setY(const VectorND& v)

oinline VectorND getX() const

oinline VectorND getY() const

oint LoadXML(char* file_name)

oint ParseXML(xmlDocPtr doc, xmlNodePtr cur)

ovoid Out() const

ostring name

ostring xlabel

ostring ylabel

oVectorND x

oVectorND y

This class has no child classes.

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