class Atmosphere

Public Methods

[more] Atmosphere()
[more] Atmosphere(double t)
[more] ~Atmosphere()
To initialize ISA+t
[more]inline double GetT(void) const
use only after Calculate(h) has been called
[more]inline double GetRho(void) const
[more]inline double GetP(void) const
[more]inline double GetA(void) const
[more]inline double GetMU(void) const
[more]inline double GetT0(void) const
[more]inline double GetRho0(void) const
[more]inline double GetP0(void) const
[more]inline double GetA0(void) const
[more]inline double GetMU0(void) const
[more]inline double GetT_T0(void) const
[more]inline double GetRho_Rho0(void) const
[more]inline double GetP_P0(void) const
[more]inline double GetA_A0(void) const
[more]inline double GetMU_MU0(void) const
[more]inline Vector3D GetWind(void) const
[more]inline void SetWind(const Vector3D &w)
[more]void Calculate(double altitude)
[more]void SetISAplusT(double t)
altitude in meters
[more]void Out(void)

Private Fields

[more]double h
Out ISA current data
[more]double g
[more]double R
[more]double gamma
[more]double alpha
[more]double Beta
[more]double T0
[more]double rho0
[more]double p0
[more]double a0
[more]double mu0
[more]double T11
[more]double rho11
[more]double p11
[more]double a11
[more]double mu11
[more]double T
[more]double rho
[more]double p
[more]double a
[more]double mu
[more]Vector3D Wind


o Atmosphere()

o Atmosphere(double t)

o ~Atmosphere()
To initialize ISA+t

oinline double GetT(void) const
use only after Calculate(h) has been called

oinline double GetRho(void) const

oinline double GetP(void) const

oinline double GetA(void) const

oinline double GetMU(void) const

oinline double GetT0(void) const

oinline double GetRho0(void) const

oinline double GetP0(void) const

oinline double GetA0(void) const

oinline double GetMU0(void) const

oinline double GetT_T0(void) const

oinline double GetRho_Rho0(void) const

oinline double GetP_P0(void) const

oinline double GetA_A0(void) const

oinline double GetMU_MU0(void) const

oinline Vector3D GetWind(void) const

oinline void SetWind(const Vector3D &w)

ovoid Calculate(double altitude)

ovoid SetISAplusT(double t)
altitude in meters

ovoid Out(void)

odouble h
Out ISA current data

odouble g

odouble R

odouble gamma

odouble alpha

odouble Beta

odouble T0

odouble rho0

odouble p0

odouble a0

odouble mu0

odouble T11

odouble rho11

odouble p11

odouble a11

odouble mu11

odouble T

odouble rho

odouble p

odouble a

odouble mu

oVector3D Wind

This class has no child classes.

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