SuSim stands for "Sukhoi Simulator". It is a multipatform flight simulator developed to implement the most simplistic but realistic flight dynamic simulations possible, targeted in the first place to mimic the behaviour of the Su-27 Flanker (Su30Mk variant).


  • Real-time flight simulation via joystick control.
  • Object Oriented C/C++ implementation of flight dynamics, aerodynamics (sub & supersonic), atmosphere, inertia and flight control system with Stability Augmentation System.
  • OpenGL rendering of HUD (Head Up Display), aircraft, terrain and sky via in-built 3D library.
  • Very small and compact implementation.
  • High configurable capabilities via XML files (physics and 3D).
  • WxWidgets GUI interface.
  • 3D sound efects via OpenAL.
  • Multiplatform: Runs on Linux and Windows.


Dutch Roll [1.4M] Slow flight and Stall [1.3M]
Looping and roll [2.0M] Airbrake effect [652k]
Roll [1.3M] Supersonic Flight(M =~1.6) [1.5M]


images/thumbs/snapshot_0001.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0002.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0003.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0004.png
images/thumbs/snapshot_0005.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0006.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0007.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0008.png
images/thumbs/snapshot_0009.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0010.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0011.png images/thumbs/snapshot_0012.png


Please visit the SuSim SourceForge Project Site for file downloads

Source code documentation

Follow link to autogenerated documentation

To do

  • Add more flexible user inputs (only joystick control at the moment).
  • Fix Blinking of far ends of terrain.
  • Add Lateral-Directional stability control and improve longitudinal SAS.
  • Add more aircrafts, helicopters, missiles, etc.
  • Add modelling of take off, landing, etc.
  • Improve graphics.

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